Auroville Retreat 2015 >>> WayForward 2018

The Auroville Retreat took place on 12th and 13th March, 2015.

It brought together members of the International Advisory Council, the Governing Board and around 160 Aurovilians to examine the present state of Auroville and to draft an action plan for the near future.

It was the culmination of two months of intense work, involving around 300 Aurovilians and 35 thematic work sessions.

The areas focused upon were as per the menu's tabs above.

The stated objectives of the Retreat were:

to reconnect and engage with the Auroville vision and its manifestation;

to reflect on Mother’s vision for Auroville;

to introspect and reflect on the spiritual growth of individuals and the collective;

to reflect on the present realities of Auroville;

and to envision where Auroville wants to be on its 50th anniversary (in 2018) and in 10 years.

By the end of the Retreat, each thematic area group had come up with a number of goals and milestones that they considered would revivify that sector and set it upon a course more closely aligned with the ideals of Auroville.

The identified milestones are to be implemented within a maximum of three years by action groups appointed for the purpose.

However, perhaps the real value of the Retreat was an immeasurable one.

By bringing together people who don’t normally work together, or who have not worked together for years, it provided new opportunities for interconnections and the psychological space for something new to emerge.

On this website you find the reports of the Action Groups.