Economy – Progress report – June

Economy Action Group

What we have done in May & June:
Constituted the action group (Anandi, Aurelio, Daniel, Gijs, Mandakini, Marc, Min, Nicole, Pashi, Toine, Torkil, Uma, Vani & Vikram)
Constituted the team for each goal of the Economy theme (In kind economy, Karma Yoga, Incubation Center and Statistics Office)
The group met 4 times to put together the broad action plan (please find attached)
Developed a detailed action plan for the Incubation center and the Statistics Office

Challenges faced (if any):
Some team members are traveling and not in Auroville. Hence, the Action Group is become fully functional as yet
It is challenging to find resource persons for the In Kind economy and Karma Yoga goals
Members are involved with other activities, and are able to dedicate only some spare time for the Economy Action group and the respective goals. This will not be sufficient in the long run – we need to find dedicated full time persons to lead each goal.

Solutions proposed (if any):
Each goal needs to be supported as per their budget and timeline

Support needed from the VTF:
Suggestions for the In Kind and Karma Yoga goals, how to take these forward.
Funding for the incubation Center and the Statistics Office