Economy - Goals & Milestones - Retreat 2015


1. To have a sustainable economy with no exchange of money by 2018, both in the sustenance of individuals as well as creating a surplus for the development of Auroville The money-driven socio-economic life must be replaced with a service-driven socio- economy. Not attached to money. We need to provide in-kind in every field (starting with basic services such energy, water, food, mobility etc). This will reduce circulation of money. Auroville must achieve the vision of an economy-in-kind within a time frame.
2. In 10 years develop a self-supportive economy that is Karma Yoga driven
All economy-related activities in Auroville need to respect the value and sustainability of the natural resources of our universe. Sustainable lifestyle (beauty, nature, ecological in work, living, products, services and activities). We need to have a program that makes Auroville self-supporting within a time frame.


1. Focus on activities that foster Auroville strength
2. Better organization.
3. Simple process "top down". Auroville to be run by a "Council of wise”
4. Recognition/re dedication of all connected to Auroville in their full capacity
5. Attract youth committed to creating a self-supporting economy
6. Create support for new entrepreneurs
7. Enable environment for income generating activity/enterprise/seed fund
8. To support development of income generative activities
9. Develop industry joint ventures
10.Creation of wealth through commercial activities with the outside based on the values of Auroville, including sustainability.
11.An economy-in-kind without exchange of money.
12.Better define “self-supporting”.
13.Auroville common wealth, on which all the Auroville services depend upon fully.
14.Data on basic needs of Auroville today.
15.An Auroville budget that includes current spending and capital / structural investments.
16.Assess economic situation today from "guestimate to estimate".

Milestones Table 1 (Cluster “Wealth”)

1. Change the name from "Maintenance" to "Prosperity". Yr: 2015-16
2. Re-vitalize the concept of "For All-Pour Tous”: Fostering in-kind economy- 2015-2018 - (food-2016, housing-2018, community transport-2016 and water-2017). Yr: 2015-18 Review and reform of contributions (all kinds) and maintenance (prosperity) with a focus to include all basic needs of Aurovilians. Yr: 2016;
3. Revive the "Circle Experiment". Yr: 2015;

Table 2 (Cluster “Life energy”)

1. Create an organization with a central "Supreme Council" which creates sub task-forces on economy, internal and external affairs (WC), planning (Lavenir) etc. Yr: 2018

Table 3 (Cluster “New birth”)

1. To make Auroville a city of active Aurovilians working minimum 5 hours/day for Auroville and the collective. Vote: All Yr: 2016. "Karma Yoga" campaign to revive the culture of service. Yr: 2015;

Table 4 (Cluster “Victory”)

1. Allocate a part of the profits of income generating units towards a common pool for seed funding the development of new units in Auroville. Yr: 2016
2. Create a wealth generation incubation centre which includes a corpus fund. It should provide support for wealth generators including support in training/education etc. Yr: 2016. Integral entrepreneurship lab - perhaps funded by units. Yr: 2015

Table 5 (Cluster “Dignity”)

1. De-link "Prosperity/Maintenance" from a specific work. Prosperity for all who serve Auroville full-time and who need it. Yr: 2018
2. Develop a comprehensive and compatible database of Auroville assets, which includes human resources (skills and active participation), physical and non-physical assets in a transparent and clear manner "Statistical cell". Yr: 2015
3. Establish a budget for Auroville 2015-20 of recurring and capital expenses (financial five year plan). Yr: 2015

Table 6 (Cluster “Successful Future”)

1. Promesse and Service Farm to be developed as Phase 1 by 2018 as part of the larger goal of developing some of the outlying lands for income generation for Auroville. (Ethically and sustainably - land only to be leased – could be a joint venture.) Yr: 2016
2. Create 500 units of housing / basic short-term accommodation not funded by individuals but by other means for all those ready to commit and work for Auroville. Yr: 2018
3. Create a service unit for the procurement for all things needed in Auroville. Yr: 2018. Assessment and procurement: Auroville material and resource needs collectively. Yr: 2016