Education - Goals & Milestones - Retreat 2015

Goal 1

A Learning Society of constant progress guided by the emergence of the psychic being towards oneness


1. The RA constitutes a platform for manifesting the goal for AV and the Bio Region.

2. Create programs for training and further education through experiential learning.

3. Embodying the learning society and leading through example in all aspects of our life.

Obstacles and opportunities

-    To have an economy that supports education and education that supports our economy.


1. Create Learning Centres for teachers, parents and all adults interested in education to delve into the meaning of Integral Education. We also need these centers to engage in and exchange programs for experiential learning - by Dec 2015

2. Make units of Auroville part of the educational experience – by Dec 2015

3. Create work and learning opportunities through apprenticeships and mentorships – by Feb 2016

4. Create an educational platform (subgroup of the RA) that supports alignment to a collective vision and has the following objectives:

- Assessment of educational assets, human resources (AV/AVI) – by Dec 2015

- Assess what is important for us in education and setup a processes of self-assessment – by Dec 2015

- Research into how we assess progress in education in the AV spirit.

- Start Immediately

- Research in different natural learning environments for technical and other education

– Start Immediately

5. Create an organization for further learning which is enabling - by 2017 - with objectives


-    Surveying information on what we need and what we have

-    Coordination of AV research needs

-    Student counselling on all the different possibilities to develop oneself

-    Equitable funding for projects that are in line with the vision

-    Assessing quality (‘quality’ to be defined)

-    Parental education and information on values of Auroville education.

-    Creating opportunities for apprenticeship programs

-    Recognition of both working through learning and learning through working

-    Embodying of AV qualities with creative implementation

-    Institute for higher/further learning (open university)

-    Fostering practice oriented learning on all levels

6. Recognition of the Auroville education; Create form of measures that recognize the Auroville (AV identifiable) education outside of Auroville - by 2018

7. Develop a strong connections with many countries and universities to allow the AV youth to study all around the world and welcome a lot of students coming from everywhere – by 2018

8. Create “Bio-region Resources Centres” = Centres in AV & in each village offering information & services; Suggested name = Pallam (Bridge). This is a 2 way exchange between villages and AV. (e.g. - drinking water; - Training center (ATB, yoga, wellness programs); - Food shops / restaurants, - Health, meeting space, gas distribution, - Common library, - Entrepreneurial support (workshop, job offers, trainings), - Database of AV & Villages skills to be share. - Films about AV history, values, activities, - Social theater, - Art Cart, - Printed documents + movies (in tamil) on environmental restoration, - Re-information Discover complementarities about AV – Set-up, accessibility) - by 2020

Goal 2

A unified Integral youth education aiming to include dignity of all work as a means for inner and outer research and discovery.



1. Task groups to define parameter of integral education including quality label for Av- Education - by 2015

2. Develop mentorship systems - by 2015


-    For Auroville as a whole to be a university campus for education and researchers - by 2015

-    Dual education in collaboration with companies and universities - by 2015

-    Collect and distribute research work in AV - by 2015

-    Collaboration and networking with international and national organizations - by 2015



1. Education resources database – infrastructure – data collection of required data (stakeholders, mentors, schools institutions, research centers) - by 2015

2. Organize concept paper including financial realization should be ready - by 2016

3. Affordable housing for students teachers and researchers - by 2017


- Apprenticeship for all students including outreach students in Auroville - by 2016

- Identify what needs to be established and built - by 2017

- Transform SAIIER into research organization - by 2016