Governance- Action Plan

Goal 1. Restructuring of organisation starting with the Residents’ Assembly – Dec.2015

Milestone 1. Create an effective Active Residents Assembly:
a. which experiments with different ways of holding meetings
b. which addresses Aurovilian’s fears, distrusts and cynicism.
c. which is a permanent forum for participatory processes and exposure, harnessing collective intelligence
d. where empathy, healing and caring stand at the centre.
e. Study and understand why participation of under-represented groups in RA, ARA and working groups / services is low and increase engagement of all under-represented groups.

Milestone 2. Strengthen the RAS
a. Improve communication from the Residents Assembly Service to the residents
b. To consist of four skilled full-time members
c. Provide an office, furniture, equipment and running expenses

Milestone 3. Restructuring of AV working groups and services
a. Study the naming of Auroville working groups. Should they be called service teams?
b. Study the possibility to setup a “perspective / inspiration group” composed of people with “intuitive intelligence” which would have the overall responsibility for seeing that our evolution is in harmony with our ideals. Such a group may also (1) take care of policy and (2) would be the ultimate appeal body.
c. Ensure that service teams / working groups:
i. Are formed on the basis of competence, engagement, 
relevant skills, and intuitive capacity
ii. Are working in accordance with accepted mandates and revise rules, policies and mandates into dynamic, value-focused guidelines where needed.
iii. Foster a culture of empathy, transparency, participation, meditative and intuitive practices in decision-making and that the softer’ aspects of governance – for example, the need to cultivate deep listening, compassion etc and to address traumas – are not neglected. (also by residents who are invited to join a meeting for a specific purpose).
iv. Participate in trainings in group skills
v. experiments with different ways of holding meetings
d. Build a structure where working groups and services:
i. Make decisions based on the values of Auroville
ii. With clear responsibility and accountability which is value-based
iii. Communicate and share their deliberations and decisions transparently.
e. Put in place a time-bound appeal process against working group’s decisions.

Goal 2. Caring for each other – Feb.2016

Milestone 1. Create a support group:
1. where people can go with their issues (spiritual, psychological, emotional as well as material) and receive guidance.
2. Which fosters a feeling of being cared for by the community.

Goal 3. Increased involvement of youth in governance and service teams – Feb.2016

Milestone 1 Setup an internship program and administrative training programme in order to increase youth participation in Auroville governance and service teams so that there are at least 2 young members in each service team by 2018.
Milestone 2: Schools to provide training to help youth prepare for participation in working groups.
Milestone 3 Setup a Youth Council/Parliament
Milestone 4 Increase youth involvement in all aspects of Auroville life (youth is defined as age group 0-40) {16-40??]

Goal 4. Create an effective HR data base – Dec.2015

Milestone 1 Team up with the Statistics Cell (part of Economy Milestone) to collect data

Goal 5. Create a Research Institute to document Auroville’s experiments in governance and process of change – Feb.2018

Milestone 1 Set-up a study group to make recommendations on this issue.