Governance - Goals & Milestones - Retreat 2015


1. Restructuring the existing working groups through a dynamic Residents Assembly that re3ects a more vibrant and functional organization which is aiming for change with a sincere commitment to Auroville ideals.

2. To turn Auroville into a learning society in every domain oriented towards change of consciousness in a decentralised manner.

3. To identify now one essential task connected to the building of Auroville (ie water conservation) that enables us to create by 2017 an organizational structure and governance process that empowers us to work together on any task in harmony and unity.

4. With the objective of manifesting the shared vision of Auroville, the goal is to bring about a transparent, accountable and effective organization by 2018.


1.    Reorganize and expand the Auroville economy and resources to provide basic needs for all Aurovilians.

2.    Build a structure with clear responsibility and accountability which is value-based

3.    Decision-making needs to be based on the values of Auroville

4.    Create service teams that are formed on the basis of competence, engagement,

relevant skills, and intuitive capacity

5.    Increase youth involvement in all aspects of Auroville life (youth definition is 0-40)

6.    Address and explore Aurovilian's fears, distrust and cynicism

7.    Empowerment of residents

8.    Change our cultural perception with the bioregion from 'us/them' to 'we'

9.    Increase engagement of all under-represented groups in the Residents Assembly and governance

10. Study and understand why participation (of under-represented groups) is low

11. Strengthen the Residents Assembly Service

12. Improve communication from the Residents Assembly Service to the residents

Table 1 (Cluster “Integral Conversion”)

Selected Milestones

1. Creation of a space where empathy, healing and caring stand at the centre.

2. Create a permanent forum for participatory processes and exposure, harnessing collective intelligence

Table 2 (Cluster “Service”)

Selected Milestones

1. Communication and transparent sharing process to be employed by all Working Groups and between members of RA.

2. Create a Research Institute to document Auroville's experiments in governance and process of change.

Table 3 (Cluster “Spiritual Atmosphere”)

Selected Milestones

1. A Perspective/Inspiration group or a body of intuitive intelligence organizers to be formed. They would take care of policy and would be the ultimate appeal body. It would have the overall responsibility for seeing that our evolution is in harmony with our ideals.

2. Strengthen the Residents Assembly Service

Table 4 (Cluster “Road to the Divine”)

Selected Milestones

1. A Task Force to come up with suggestions for restructuring of organization, starting with the Residents Assembly

2. Create an effective Active Residents Assembly

Table 5 (Cluster “Unselfishness”)

Selected Milestones

1. Increased involvement of youth in governance and service teams through an internship program and administrative training programme so that there are at least 2 young members in each service team by 2018

2. Creation of a Youth Council/Parliament