Governance - Progress Report

Governance Action Group update. – May 2015

Three major goals/milestones emerged from the Retreat relating to governance and organization.

1) Creating a dynamic and effective Residents Assembly as a first step towards improving/overhauling our organization.

2) Integrating youth in our organizational processes/governance

3) Exploring new ways of meeting, particularly fostering culture of empathy, transparency, participation, meditative and intuitive practices in decision-making in all WGs and the RA.

The Governance Action Group, which has met four times so far, decided to focus first on creating an effective and dynamic Residents Assembly. It has discussed in detail a proposal for an Active Residents Assembly (ARA) that would ensure that a core of committed Aurovilians would be part of all Residents Assembly decision-making processes. This proposal is approaching readiness and will be sent to the Vision Task Force in due course.

The Governance Action Group has also discussed the need for new ways of meeting. However, clear proposals have yet to be formulated on this topic.

Finally, contact has been made with the Youth Group that formed out of the Retreat. The Youth Group has been invited to participate in Governance Action Group discussions, but so far they have been unable to do so. They confirm, however, that they are working on their own proposal concerning how youth could be better integrated in our governance processes, and that once this is ready they will be happy to discuss it with the Governance Action Group.

In our next meetings, the Governance Action Group will finalise the ARA proposal, discuss the new Residents Assembly Service mandate and RA decision-making proposal, and make concrete suggestions concerning how our meeting process can be improved, with particular emphasis upon encouraging the more intuitive faculties.