Growth - Goals & Milestones - retreat 2015


1. Growth of the actively engaged core group

a) That shifts towards a culture of appreciation, collaboration, abundance mindset and proactive action.

b) That invites and welcomes unrestricted 3ow of inspired and dedicated people who come to serve the Auroville ideals for active collaboration and input from all over the world.


1. Transparent and simple Entry / Access Process

2. Affordable housing of sophisticated simplicity, beauty and sustainability.

3. Unending professional and Integral Education

Table 1 (Cluster “Plastic Mind”)

Milestones related to Entry Process

1. Revise Entry Process to make it simple, transparent, welcoming and trusting.

a) Based on the level of commitment introduce different statuses for different population types

b) Proactively bring into Entry Process data on the skills Auroville needs at present.

c) Provide economic support for young Newcomers and Youth of Auroville to join Auroville.

2.Resolve visa issue for volunteers & Newcomers to ensure diversity of nationalities/cultures

Table 2 (Cluster “Faithfulness”)

Milestones related to Housing

1. Speed up building permission process.

2. Newcomers, Youth of Auroville and Volunteers need affordable housing . 2000 affordable houses by 2020 of sophisticated simplicity, beauty and sustainability.

3. Create finance option for youth housing.

4. Create affordable housing for students, teachers, and researchers by 2017 – (From Education Theme)

Table 3 (Cluster “Boldness”)

Milestones related to Data

1. Statistical office by 2016

a) Create HR data base on available skills and what Auroville needs.

b) Integrate information systems across the community for data collection, sharing between WGs, data processing, visualization and reporting.

Table 4 (Cluster “Truthfulness”)

Milestones related to education

1. Create educational programs for adults providing higher education, professional training and value education.

2. Create workshop to sensitize everyone on specific topic that make unending education a reality.

3. Create vocational training programs for youth

4. Promote the dual education for youngsters and adults.

5. Present Auroville as educational / university campus

6. Start awareness programme / campaign as the international zone which will be the core of an educational campus.

7. Invite necessary teachers from outside.

8. Strengthen the IZ Group, invite international community to actively participate in international zone development – UNESCO, AVIs

Table 5 (Cluster “Total Conversion”)

Milestones related to Governance & other areas

1. Revise RA decision making process to bring clarity and speed

2. Find ways to mobilize competent people to join WGs to work full time.

3. Create process in place for accountability of individuals and WGs

4. Strategy for partnership with governments and international bodies such as UNESCO to

support the growth of Auroville

5. Organise competition and prices on best practices of collaboration

6. Bring FS, FAMC and BCC members in 2 hrs voluntary work with units / activity

7. Regularly publish information on the uniqueness of work and education done in Auroville.

Table 6 (Milestones related to Economy)

These milestones are already part of economy theme

1. Provide start up support to entrepreneurs (educational financial and network support)

2. Create incubation centre for small scale business and R&D