L&TP - Action Plan


Goal 1 – Protection of Green Belt Land Use – Protection from Encroachment of Land – Jan.2016
Milestone 1: To obtain statutory protection from TN
Milestone 2: To create a Land Policy which includes roles and responsibilities of land stewards
Milestone 3: To clarify and endorse active support from the Secretary’s office and the Working Committee – define role clarity; communication process; joint holding data between TDC, Foundation, Land Board

Goal 2 – Land Purchase Prioritisation – Oct.2015
Milestone 1: Put together and propose a land purchase and development strategy
Milestone 2: Fundraising for land purchase – assess how much funds have to be raised and fix a target
Milestone 3: Gain consensus on priority land to be purchased

Goal 3 – Improving Land Utilisation. Improving Public Building Utilisation – Feb.2016
Milestone 1: To have a performance of land utilization under the category: well utilized; under utilized; risk of encroachment
Milestone 2: To have a performance of public buildings with the rate of utilization (number of hours of utilization / month)
To recommend to the FAMC for an official land and estate management office with permanent employees and a proposed budget)

Goal 4 – Develop a Connection Between the Galaxy Plan and Reality – Feb.2018
Milestone 1: Identify the essesntial features of the Galaxy, categories the topographical features to be retained –
Prepare an overlay of the following: 1) masterplan; 2) mobility concept 2005; 3) key element of the Galaxy 2007; 4) sensitivity analysis by Suhasini; 5) surface water management; 6) detail development plan Sector 1 and 2 of Residential Zone; 7) Green Belt land use plan; 8) electricity master plan.
Establish a group consisting of TDC / Green Group / external experts
Land use and sub-zoning for the city
Milestone 2: Creating an urban fabric which includes some key elements of the Galaxy –
Changing the existing sprawled environment into a concentrated development which gives the feeling of living in a cultural environment
Propose plans for Sectors 1 and 2, for up to 5000 residents, which includes 2 Lines of Force situated in Sector 2
Finalisation of plan based on the community feedback
Milestone 3: Propose and finalise a plan for the Line of Force between Matrimandir and Visitors’ Centre (note: to be built for the next phase of population growth of 10 – 15000 residents)

Goal 5 – Sustainability Framework to be Integrated – Dec.2015
Milestone 1: Create a sustainability development criteria including water, energy, food and built-up area per capita
Milestone 2: To have an overview of water and energy

Goal 6 – To work with local stakeholders for the preparation of an integrated sub-regional development plan – infrastructure, village development, key socio-economic and statutory issues and management of natural resources – Jun.2016