L&TP - Progress Report - June 2015

The following members of Land & Town Planning Action Group met on 1st and 8th June :

Deoyani, Suhasini, Toine, Toby and Sauro.

Other members invited were out of station and could not attend. Mona, Lata, Jacqueline, Louis C. Gilles Guigan who was invited but informed that he was not interested to participate.

During the two meetings the task and goal emerged from the Retreat were analyzed, fined-tuned and confirmed.
Three main goals were identified for the land:

1) Protection of Green Belt land use and protection of Land Encroachment
The major task under the Protection of Green Belt Land use include obtaining Statutory Protection from the Tamil Nadu govt. This is presently underway with the dialogue activated with the Tamil Nadu govt for the constitution of an NTDA that is followed up by the TDC with the collaboration of the WC.
Another task is the creation of a land policy which include role and responsibilities of the stewards which will be a main responsibility of the Land Board with the support of WC.
Another key task has been identified creating a protocol of communication and data sharing among Land Board, AV Foundation and TDC.
All the goals related to the Task number 1 should be completed by January 2016

2) Land purchase prioritization
Regarding prioritization of Land Purchase there is a need to come to a common consensus among Land Board, Famc and TDC by mid September and to reinforce the land purchase strategy by assessing the funds required and fixing target. The actor that should implement this action however have not yet been identified. Another key task of the land board is put together proposals for land development strategy
All the goals related to the Task number 2 should be completed by October 2015

3) Improving land utilization and public building utilization
It has been felt that is very important to have performance indicators for land utilizations under different categories such as well utilized, under utilized and risk of encroachment. This task should be carried out by the Land Board. Criteria of utilization performance should be extended also to public building and it has been suggested that a new land estate office with permanent employee can be established and the Action Group should frame a proposal to the FAMC July 2015
All the goals related to the Task number 3 should be completed by February 2016
Another two goals were identified for Planning and Development:

4) Develop a Connection between the Galaxy Plan and the Ground Reality
This is a critical task to integrate the Urban Design of the Galaxy with the geo-phisical feature to be retained and has to be completed by December 2015. This task should be carried out by a group consisting of TDC members, Green Group members and a panel of external planning experts. A preparation of a map that overlays all the factors –topographical reality, eco-sensitive and fragile zone, existing and future development– is under preparation and should serve as a base for the group carrying out this task to identify the area of potential conflict for development and work towards a resolution. The Green Group has already been informed of this initiative in a joint meeting with TDC made on 19th June and a proper start-up is foreseen as soon as the mapping work is over.
Another goal consist in the creation of an Urban fabric changing the existing sprawled environment into a more concentrated development that may include some key elements of the Galaxy. A Detailed Development Plan for the sector 1 & 2 of the residential zone for 5000 people has been published for feed-back of the residents. The process of feed-back will last until August and afterwards there will be a scrutiny of the comments and inputs received. A final version of the plan is expected for January 2016.
In addition to these two short term goals, another long term goal has been identified in starting planning for the next phase of Development beyond 10,000 and studying a line of force between Matrimandir and Visitor Center that includes various amenities in addition to residences. This task to be carried out in 2017 has to be made in collaboration with Matrimandir and Visitor Center

5) Create a Sustainability Framework
It is envisaged to create sustainability development criteria including water, energy, food, built-up area per capita through a series of workshop, general meetings and seminars. A special overview will be dedicated to water and energy. The deliverable is expected for December 2015