Youth - Action Plan

YOUTH ACTION GROUP – Goals and Milestones

Goal 1 – Youth (16 – 35) Empowerment and Inclusion in the Community – Feb.2018
Milestone 1: To create a series of organized events through the year.
Milestone 2: To provide support to Youth who need guidance through groups led by Youth Guides.
Milestone 3: To voice Youth concerns in regard to Auroville’s development via regular outreach / through events / to working groups
Milestone 4: To create a regular “Sewa” service activity which will encourage the community’s participation to foster the spirit of giving.
Milestone 5: To be integrated as a permanent called Youth Link (16 – 30), in Auroville – Aug.2018
To celebrate International Youth Day annually and launch Youth Link.
Milestone 6: To bridge gaps between generations in Auroville through organized Cultural and Educational events
To support Bharat Nivas’ vision and connect to several of its cultural activities

Goal 2 – Establishing Link Between Youth (16 – 25) and Education and facilitating placements inside and outside Auroville – August 2016
Milestone 1: To collect and hold data on study programmes / links to universities outside Auroville. Feb.2016
Milestone 2: To collect and hold data on how many students are inside / outside Auroville (by age group and status) and need assistance with further education. Feb.2016
Milestone 3: To ensure schools introduce an “On Auroville Class.” August 2016
Prepare Proposal Feb.2016. (EAG, ACI, Schools, YL)
To organize events that bring schools together.

Goal 3 – Establishing Link Between Youth (16 – 30) and Housing and providing accommodation for Youth – August.2016
Milestone 1: To collect and hold data on Youth who need accommodation. Feb 2016
Milestone 2: To have a Youth Housing facility built and ready to be used. Feb 2018 (Human Scapes / 50th Anniversary Proposal).
Milestone 3: To get involved in existing Youth Housing and ensure that Youth are accommodated with functional and safety guidelines. Feb 2016

Goal 4 – Establishing Link Between Youth (16 – 40) and Employment and facilitating job placements inside Auroville – August.2016
Milestone 1: To collect and hold data on opportunities in internship / vocational trainings / apprenticeships (ACI & YL) in Auroville. (Statistics Cell, GAG). Feb 2016
Milestone 2: To recognize existing Youth-led projects (theme – Integral Sustainable Development in line with Auroville Charter) and support them.